Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Weekend Getaway

We are still alive and kicking...

Corey and I recently got away for the entire weekend...

with no kids.

It was a perfect way to catch up on sleep...and start the Christmas shopping.

I have a whole bunch of posts to catch up on. I think I left off somewhere around Halloween. Ha!

So...if you like...hop on the time machine with me and go back in time till I get caught up to the present.

That is the plan anyway...


Maureen said...

Hey Becky,

You posting or what!?! LOL Seriously, I know you are swamped, working out side the home, remodeling your house, large family to take care of and a blog to tend. Oh, I forgot the chickens. How are they and your human peeps? Seriously (again), just making sure you guys are alright and to let you know that I enjoy reading about your family and it's activities. Hopefully you will find time to write and catch everyone up.


Maureen said...


Hope you all are fine.


Maureen said...

Guess what? It's been nearly a year and I still check to see if you've blogged. I know it sounds like I don't have a life but I do - too much of one right now and I enjoy getting lost in someone else's for awhile.
Please write!


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