Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Matthew is an adorable two year old with tons and tons of energy!
Matthew loves tractors, motorcycles, lawnmowers and anything that goes vroom... Here he is with his best buddy, Grandpa.

Not many people could pull off this look...


Here is Elizabeth, our sweet, beautiful daughter. Here she is after a dance performance.
Liz is the one holding the trophy. Her cheerleading team took first place at Nationals!

Liz is really good entertaining Matthew, which we REALLY appreciate!


Joshua is such a happy kid who loves life. He is great with his younger siblings, playing with them and really enjoying being a big brother to them.
Just like his older brothers, Josh loves sports! He plays soccer, basketball, baseball and swimming.
Here is Joshua dribbling a basketball. Action shots!


Timothy is our comedian, always making us laugh with his funny faces. Here is a good example.
Tim loves sports! He plays soccer, basketball, baseball and swimming. He is a very gifted athlete.

He also loves his little brothers and sisters. And they love him!


Michael got braces and contacts about a year ago which really made him look older. Here he is with Levi. Michael is a athlete, to the core! He loves to play sports, especially soccer, basketball and football. He swims in the summer but mostly to keep in shape for fall soccer.
Here he is with his school project. He had to build dwellings from three different kinds of native people.


Joseph is our oldest (by a minute). He likes to be known as the "older, wiser twin". Here he is standing next to the announcement that he was "Student of the Month". Here is Joseph, shooting a goal kick-which he made. Joe loves soccer and swimming. Next year he wants to try track, especially after he beat ALL the other kids in his grade in the mile.
Here is Joseph, with his twin brother, Michael. They are so different but both really good kids.