Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sleepy Girl

This girl can fall asleep anywhere....anytime, anyplace. Her thumb is her built in binky so she is good to go! Wish I could go to sleep that easy!

Pumpkin patch

If you look close here you can see Levi genuinely trying to take a bite out of his pumpkin.
Going through the corn maze

Saturday we took five of the kids to the local pumpkin patch. For a few of the kiddos, this was their first time there. After finding our way through the hay and corn maze (after hitting a few dead ends) we came upon the pumpkin patch. The kids had so much fun picking out their own pumpkin and can't wait to carve them. The three little ones picked out really, really small pumpkins which we have no hope of carving. They will make for cute decorations though.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Levi loves, loves, loves "his Jo-Jo"
Joe with Tim and Michael at a swim meet
Joe with his new desk in his unusually clean room
Joe working on his Archery merit badge at Scout Camp
Joe with Lillian. He is soooo loving with the little ones.


Michael at Scout Camp
Michael with Tim and Joe watching a swim meet
Hmmm...he doesn't look very thrilled about the fireworks Michael with his new bike Nice Duck tie!


Showing off his new desk
This was Tim's second year at Scout Camp
Here is his cultural project. I love the green and yellow colors!
Tim was also on the swim team. Tim was hiding while we were setting off fire crackers. Not sure why...


Josh is almost always wearing yellow and green. What a good kid!
Josh swam on the swim team again this summer
He turned ten in April
Josh with his Ipod and new desk
Josh and Joe loved their new pix for their "surfing" room.
Josh with his big school project at the end of 4th grade
Josh receiving his 4th grade diploma


Liz with her Daddy on her baptism day
Liz looks great in glasses
Liz with Mrs. J on the last day of school. Mrs J. has taught our kids for six years straight. This was her last day of teaching! Enjoy retirement Mrs. J.! We are so going to miss you!
Liz with Mrs. W. on her first day of 3rd grade
Liz with her pink Ipod and new desk
Liz swam on the swim team for the first time this summer and did really well!


Matthew got a "computer" from his Nana for his birthday
He turned 4 in May
Don't let this sweet look fool you...
Working on his tractor puzzle
What a nerd....seriously!

And he said he wasn't tired!
Matthew and his best bud playing the Gamecube