Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Award

I recently received another award on my blog award number two. Not that I'm counting. Ok, maybe I am. Just not out loud. At least where anyone can hear me. from Rayli over at 4 Kids & A Large Coffee


Here are the rules for getting this award...

* I must present this award to 7 others,
who's blogs I find brilliant in content
and/or design, or those that have
encouraged me.

*I must tell those 7 people that they
have been awarded Honest Scrap, and
inform them of these guidelines.

*I must share "10 honest things" about

So...here goes probably not totally according to the rules because I am a rebel at heart

Here are the blogs that inspire me

Mi Vida Loca

Organize with Sandy

Thrifty Decor Chick

These are blogs that help me organize or encourage my goodwill obsession thriftiness.

What? Only three blogs? I told you...lazy rebel, I am.

10 honest thing about myself:

1. I am not a morning person. Not. at. all. I think all small children are morning people. This is so unfair.

2. I am bull-headed and stubborn. I publicly admit that.

3. I am very frugal and thrifty. It's actually a lot of fun to live like that!

4. I have lost a lot of weight this year but still have more to go. cheesecake...so not helping.

5. I am a nurturer. I live to take care of people. So it makes sense that my dream job is to be a nurse.

6. I have a really hard time trusting people enough to let them close enough to me to allow them to see who I really am. I don't know why I am like that.

7. I am super-duper jumpy. It is unreal. It is annoying. I can't make it stop.

8. I can't stand overly competitive people. That includes anyone who needs to be better, have more, have bigger, be first or has to spend more. Those kind of people totally freak me out. Why can't we just all be happy for each other's personal achievements without feeling like some one's success is a personal threat?

9. The thing that makes me feel the most sick is hearing about children being abused. I just can't stand it.

10. I hate being cold. I have a condition that makes my body react weird to sudden changes of temperature. If I drink something cold, get cold, hold something cold, my body overreacts, thinks I'm dying and cuts off the blood supply to my extremities. It's not like it's life threatening or anything but having corpse-like looking hands is just annoying and painful.

That's all folks! that's probably more than you wanted to know anyway

And thanks again for the award!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Homemade Granolie Bars

Ever looked at the list on ingredients on a box of granolie bars?

Nope, that's not a typo.

Gra.no.lie bars

That's what we call them around them here parts.


Some of the granolie bar ingredients I can't even pronounce.

Not yummy.

So, I found this recipe. (Click on the word "this" to take you there.)

I have mixed it up with different nuts. Peanuts, filberts or almonds. All good.

The last time I made these, I made eight batches and I added some flax seed just because I can do sneaky mom stuff like that.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

My fav wedding cake ever and why I want to beat the flower lady

My latest cake was for the cutest little couple getting hitched on Friday the 13th.

Since I'm not at all superstitious, I actually was kinda amused.

The bride and groom came to meet with me about a month ago. They had a couple of friends that I had previously done cakes for and had heard good things about me. because I threaten people if they talk about me otherwise

They came out to my house and I showed them pictures of the cakes that I had done. Then, they showed me a picture of the cake that they wanted.

I have to admit, that I got totally excited a wee bit happy when I saw the cake picture. It was totally freakin awesome! It was beautiful and classy.

But, because they had already been to three different bakeries before me, "shopping around", I wasn't sure that I would be chosen.

Even though my prices are really reasonable, I don't have a professional "bakery". Just a kitchen, that I keep yelling at my kids to get out of. ahem...

The bride grilled me asked a lot of questions and it became apparent that she was a control freak very particular about how things would be done.

In the end, they choose me which was very good for my cake diva ego.

The bride called me a couple of times to pound the details into my head make sure that I had not forgotten any of her requests.

The day of the reception came and I prepared the cake as planned.

Here is the before picture. Perfection. if I do say so myself, which I just did

The roses were to be added at the church by the "flower lady".

I took the cake to the church.

I met the flower lady.

I asked to see the table where the cake would be going.

She told me that there was a lot of stuff on the cake table and to just go ahead and set the cake on the floor.


Wait, what?

Put my masterpiece cake on the floor?

I think not.

So, I ignored her, moved stuff over to the side on the cake table, and brought in my baby the cake.

Because I knew the bride was adamant about the cake details, I went over the rose placement with the florist.

I even offered to put the roses on my self. Which is what usually happens anyway.

But the flower lady said that she knew what to do.

Because I wanted a "finished" picture of the cake, and I didn't want to hover like an overprotective parent while she was working on the flowers, I left to run an errand.

When I came back, the flower lady was done.

There were finger imprints all over the cake and flowers stuck in the back of the cake where they shouldn't be.

I was mad all night. Actually, I'm still annoyed.

I guess I need to figure out a way to be more assertive. Next time I'll demand request that no one else manhandle touch my cake.

Not even to eat it.


But, since my reputation is at stake, shouldn't I be the one responsible for putting the flowers on too?

Here is the after... Read em' and weep.

I did.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The She-Beast Lily's favorite toy

Cute, huh?

Just try to get her off of it.

Go ahead.

I dare ya...

The screaming "no", hitting and pushing you away...not much fun.


Looking for the good here...

She is kinda cute.

Ride-um cowgirl?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reading to the kids

Our kids love books!

Especially Lily, who loves to chew on them.

So, please excuse the bite marks...

And is it just me, or does the kid's dad look like a kid himself?


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dentist visits

As a kid, I just didn't take very good care of my teeth. Not yummy.

It was not uncommon to go to the dentist and have 8 or 9 cavities.

I now have a mouth full of metal.

As an adult, I brush my teeth 5-6 times a day, at least. And I floss at least once a day. I realize that they might possible verify your assumption that I have issues. Oh well...it was bound to come out eventually.

But, I sure don't get cavities anymore.


Now that I'm a mom and have to pay for dental bills, I am anal about a lot of things about my kid's teeth.

We floss the "littles" teeth three times a week and we ask the "bigs" to floss their own teeth every other day.

Each one of the kids gets flouride every day.

We take the kids to the dentist twice a year and have all adult molars sealed.

We also offer $20 to each child, if they are cavity free at their check-up.
Some friends of ours give their kids $50 each if they are cavity free but please don't tell my kids that.

So far...

Not one cavity. At all.

Knock on wood...

"Friend" Party

I don't care if I get hate mail for saying this but...

I am not a Birthday Party believer.

My kids rarely attend them and we don't throw them.

We have family celebrations and recognize our child on his/her birthday using family traditions that we have set in place over the years.

The pressure on the parents...the message it sends to the kiddos...the waste of money...

I just don't subscribe.

Sorry if that offends.

When our kiddos turn eight we have them pick a friend and go and do something fun with that person.

I like the emphasis to be on having fun with a friend and not getting gifts.

This year the kids all came here, had pizza and then went to the local wave pool.

Corey took all the kids which left me with just the baby who was sleeping.


Might have to do this more often. ahem...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This is our little Lillian


The caboose seriously...I promise
Lily Pad
Lily Paddy
Fatty Paddy

She is a little miss sass-a-frass.

She has quite the spunky personality.

Kinda like a firecracker.

That bites.

And says "No!" all the time.

She is spoiled.

By all of us.

But that is the way the baby is supposed to be.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Tip of the Day

Before entering the haunted corn maze, be sure to use the bathroom.

That way when a masked man wielding a chain saw comes after you and that man had some serious wheels, I tell ya you are able to run AND scream at the same time...without wetting your pants.

I'm just saying...

Not Me Monday

First let me say that I am a frugal gal and easily resist the urge to purchase frivolous shoes. After all, practical people do not make impulsive purchases and practical is my middle name.

Therefore it was not me that spied a the most amazing pair EVER! pair of boots on-line.

The gold and black tiger striped, buckle adorned, stiletto heeled creations did not speak to me. I do not hear voices ok, just in my head and especially not coming from a pair of boots.

So, it was not me that had a "had to have them" moment. I have a very strong willpower muscle and do not fall prey to the offerings of the shoe god.

So when the UPS man showed up with my boots have I ever told you how much I love the UPS man? I did not squeal and embarrass myself.

I am classy, and squealing does not equal classy.

Because I always think things through thoroughly before making a decision, I would have realized that gold and black tiger print boots, although super cool, would be more suited for a hooker than a soccer mom.

I wouldn't have been the one left stumped as how to best utilize my boots without looking like a prostitute.

So, when a woman showed up at the Halloween party dressed up like a very stylish witch, wearing the most beautiful boots ever? Well, that most certainly wouldn't have been me...