Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Award

I recently received another award on my blog award number two. Not that I'm counting. Ok, maybe I am. Just not out loud. At least where anyone can hear me. from Rayli over at 4 Kids & A Large Coffee


Here are the rules for getting this award...

* I must present this award to 7 others,
who's blogs I find brilliant in content
and/or design, or those that have
encouraged me.

*I must tell those 7 people that they
have been awarded Honest Scrap, and
inform them of these guidelines.

*I must share "10 honest things" about

So...here goes probably not totally according to the rules because I am a rebel at heart

Here are the blogs that inspire me

Mi Vida Loca

Organize with Sandy

Thrifty Decor Chick

These are blogs that help me organize or encourage my goodwill obsession thriftiness.

What? Only three blogs? I told you...lazy rebel, I am.

10 honest thing about myself:

1. I am not a morning person. Not. at. all. I think all small children are morning people. This is so unfair.

2. I am bull-headed and stubborn. I publicly admit that.

3. I am very frugal and thrifty. It's actually a lot of fun to live like that!

4. I have lost a lot of weight this year but still have more to go. cheesecake...so not helping.

5. I am a nurturer. I live to take care of people. So it makes sense that my dream job is to be a nurse.

6. I have a really hard time trusting people enough to let them close enough to me to allow them to see who I really am. I don't know why I am like that.

7. I am super-duper jumpy. It is unreal. It is annoying. I can't make it stop.

8. I can't stand overly competitive people. That includes anyone who needs to be better, have more, have bigger, be first or has to spend more. Those kind of people totally freak me out. Why can't we just all be happy for each other's personal achievements without feeling like some one's success is a personal threat?

9. The thing that makes me feel the most sick is hearing about children being abused. I just can't stand it.

10. I hate being cold. I have a condition that makes my body react weird to sudden changes of temperature. If I drink something cold, get cold, hold something cold, my body overreacts, thinks I'm dying and cuts off the blood supply to my extremities. It's not like it's life threatening or anything but having corpse-like looking hands is just annoying and painful.

That's all folks! that's probably more than you wanted to know anyway

And thanks again for the award!

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takemetomaui said...

You are TOOO funny! I love your blog and you are totally and completely "award worthy" :)