Saturday, November 14, 2009

My fav wedding cake ever and why I want to beat the flower lady

My latest cake was for the cutest little couple getting hitched on Friday the 13th.

Since I'm not at all superstitious, I actually was kinda amused.

The bride and groom came to meet with me about a month ago. They had a couple of friends that I had previously done cakes for and had heard good things about me. because I threaten people if they talk about me otherwise

They came out to my house and I showed them pictures of the cakes that I had done. Then, they showed me a picture of the cake that they wanted.

I have to admit, that I got totally excited a wee bit happy when I saw the cake picture. It was totally freakin awesome! It was beautiful and classy.

But, because they had already been to three different bakeries before me, "shopping around", I wasn't sure that I would be chosen.

Even though my prices are really reasonable, I don't have a professional "bakery". Just a kitchen, that I keep yelling at my kids to get out of. ahem...

The bride grilled me asked a lot of questions and it became apparent that she was a control freak very particular about how things would be done.

In the end, they choose me which was very good for my cake diva ego.

The bride called me a couple of times to pound the details into my head make sure that I had not forgotten any of her requests.

The day of the reception came and I prepared the cake as planned.

Here is the before picture. Perfection. if I do say so myself, which I just did

The roses were to be added at the church by the "flower lady".

I took the cake to the church.

I met the flower lady.

I asked to see the table where the cake would be going.

She told me that there was a lot of stuff on the cake table and to just go ahead and set the cake on the floor.


Wait, what?

Put my masterpiece cake on the floor?

I think not.

So, I ignored her, moved stuff over to the side on the cake table, and brought in my baby the cake.

Because I knew the bride was adamant about the cake details, I went over the rose placement with the florist.

I even offered to put the roses on my self. Which is what usually happens anyway.

But the flower lady said that she knew what to do.

Because I wanted a "finished" picture of the cake, and I didn't want to hover like an overprotective parent while she was working on the flowers, I left to run an errand.

When I came back, the flower lady was done.

There were finger imprints all over the cake and flowers stuck in the back of the cake where they shouldn't be.

I was mad all night. Actually, I'm still annoyed.

I guess I need to figure out a way to be more assertive. Next time I'll demand request that no one else manhandle touch my cake.

Not even to eat it.


But, since my reputation is at stake, shouldn't I be the one responsible for putting the flowers on too?

Here is the after... Read em' and weep.

I did.


Kelly said...

UUUUUUU. Are you kidding me? Did you really do that cake? Awesome! It is gorgeous and I would not have put a single flower on it. It was perfect just the way it was, before the flowers.

I am seriously impressed!!!

Kirsten and Jonathan said...

Becky as a fellow cake decorator, I don't do weddings but I dod know how much work goes into it, that totally pisses me off. Who was it?? I will go break her knees, what a pain. The cake looks AMAZING!!! You did a beautiful job.

takemetomaui said...

Incredible! And I agree with you....insist on NO ONE else touching your cake! YOu do the flowers or whatever they want on it.

(singing) FABULOUS!

rachel said...

Are you even freaking serious?? Her fingerprints are disgusting! Did the bride say anything?? Oh my gosh, I'd be so dang ticked.
You're amazing.

Future Mrs. D said...

oh, I am so sorry about your cake:(
I am a florist and one of my specialties is working on beautiful cakes, but, as a floral designer you should respect the cake designer as well! Don't let that experience "freak" you about working with a florist! Just make sure he or she has the expertiece to do so..Or, simply oversee, I have had that done many times, both craftspeople work so hard to make their customers happy, they should work together as a team ! The cake is gorgeous btw!