Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

First let me say that I am a frugal gal and easily resist the urge to purchase frivolous shoes. After all, practical people do not make impulsive purchases and practical is my middle name.

Therefore it was not me that spied a the most amazing pair EVER! pair of boots on-line.

The gold and black tiger striped, buckle adorned, stiletto heeled creations did not speak to me. I do not hear voices ok, just in my head and especially not coming from a pair of boots.

So, it was not me that had a "had to have them" moment. I have a very strong willpower muscle and do not fall prey to the offerings of the shoe god.

So when the UPS man showed up with my boots have I ever told you how much I love the UPS man? I did not squeal and embarrass myself.

I am classy, and squealing does not equal classy.

Because I always think things through thoroughly before making a decision, I would have realized that gold and black tiger print boots, although super cool, would be more suited for a hooker than a soccer mom.

I wouldn't have been the one left stumped as how to best utilize my boots without looking like a prostitute.

So, when a woman showed up at the Halloween party dressed up like a very stylish witch, wearing the most beautiful boots ever? Well, that most certainly wouldn't have been me...


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jmberrygirl said...

You go! Rock those boots wherever you like. I'd wear 'em with a pair of black slacks or a knee-lenght skirt. Not hookerish, just classy and funky and fun. Go for it! You've already paid for them!