Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Friend" Party

I don't care if I get hate mail for saying this but...

I am not a Birthday Party believer.

My kids rarely attend them and we don't throw them.

We have family celebrations and recognize our child on his/her birthday using family traditions that we have set in place over the years.

The pressure on the parents...the message it sends to the kiddos...the waste of money...

I just don't subscribe.

Sorry if that offends.

When our kiddos turn eight we have them pick a friend and go and do something fun with that person.

I like the emphasis to be on having fun with a friend and not getting gifts.

This year the kids all came here, had pizza and then went to the local wave pool.

Corey took all the kids which left me with just the baby who was sleeping.


Might have to do this more often. ahem...


Kelly said...

Cool Pool. Looks like fun.

A friend of ours had a birthday party recently for her twins. Instead of gifts for her children she got a list of the needs from the local children's hospital and put it in the invitations. They will deliver these items close to Christmas for the children in the hospital. Loved this idea!!!

Tudu said...

This year we asked in lieu of gifts for our children to send items we could donate to the Foster Care Closet. I hate it when the kids get gifts at "parties" it stresses them out.

rachel said...

I'm ready to subscribe to what you're doing. Seriously. Birthday parties are SUCH headaches.