Friday, March 20, 2009

My birthday

Since everyone else seemed to be having a birthday I thought I might as well have one too.

Sleeping in, breakfast in bed, the kids sang to me and I got to go to a movie with friends...what a great day!

Corey insisted offered to take me to dinner and after we had some time to kill so Corey reluctantly we went to the mall.

That's when it happened...

Before that day, I never really believed in love at first sight. I know that it's been said that two people will lock eyes across a crowded room and just, well, know. Ya know? I scoffed didn't really buy it.


Corey and were walking down the middle of the mall, he was listening to me talk about shoes we were talking and I just happened to glance over into a store. Like when you think you hear someone say your name and you look in that direction. My head just turned and I saw...them. From the middle of the mall...through the entire store...on the shelf...were...My.Shoes. I swear a beam of light shot straight down from heaven bathing them in light and angels started singing.

I did an abrupt 90 degree and headed straight for my love shoes. Corey continued to walk nodding like he was still listening but didn't even notice that I was gone. He found me, in the back of the store, whispering sweet nothings to my babies while I cradled them in my arms.

"Are you really going to buy them?"

Seriously? I gave him The Look (come on, don't ya know the one) and he didn't say another word. Couldn't he tell that I was already picking out a matching outfit in my head?

They are now home, safe and sound. Don't worry, it's not like I've built an altar for them....Yet...

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday Michael and Joseph!

Two weeks after Timothy's birthday, the twins had one too! They are now the big 14!

They requested my beef and bean pie for dinner and the yummy ice cream brownie mountain for dessert. We are so proud of these straight A students and great athletes!

For 2 weeks each year Michael, Joseph and Timothy are the same age. It is very funny confusing for people when they have the unfortunate timing to ask the kids their ages during this time. "Are they triplets?" "Are some of them adopted?" After watching them scratch their heads in confusion we quickly leave enlighten them.

Timothy is 13!!!

In February (it's March now, I know) Timothy became a teenager!
He turned 13 on Friday the 13th! How un lucky can you get?
Slim Tim told me that the kids at school were teasing him with "You are going to die!!!" and "It was nice knowing you!" Like the terrible wonderful mother that I am, I laughed assured him that nothing bad was going to happen to him. And of course, he had the best day, with his dinner of choice, an ice cream brownie mountain and the lego set that he wanted.
Happy Birthday Tim!

Ok, Ok...I know!

I've been neglectful to my blog.

Between sports, daycare, scouts and church callings we've been keeping busy.

Plus on my downtime I've been being a good citizen. I mean, who else is going to offer to help out a friend in need? Someone had to assist Mario in rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser. That someone just happened to be me. Don't worry, Mario, you can thank me later...

So get ready for a bunch of updating!