Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More construction

Corey got up on the existing roof (which will be cut off within the next week or so) to take this pix of the trusses.

It was really cool to watch the crane lift up the trusses. The framers (there is one on the left side) would walk on the top of the walls which was EXTREMELY hard to watch!

Easter morning

Here are all the kiddos, Easter morning.

Easter 2007

Easter afternoon was spent at my parent's house in Pleasant Hill. The kids searched for their eggs in teams. Michael was with Hannah. She LOVED looking for eggs! It was so cute to watch!
Joseph was with Levi who found some eggs on his own. Since Levi was born at the end of April this was his very first Easter!
The Josh and Liz team searched outside for their eggs.
Timmy tried to keep up with his small teammate, Matthew.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

2nd floor

The second story went up really fast!
Here is the view from the old part of the house, 2nd story. The framing is for the master bedroom, bathroom and closet.

Friday, April 6, 2007

More construction

Here you can see where holes have been cut in the side of the house on the second floor so debris could be thrown directly into the dumpster.
The entire upstairs has been gutted. There is nothing left but the studs.
The new family room. Two windows will be going in on this side and on the other side will be french doors.
The garage is looking really good. There in the back corner will be my food storage area which will be fully enclosed with a door.
Corey took this picture this morning. He is standing at what was once the bathroom on the second floor. Here you can see the floor for the new second level that is going in on top of the garage.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

More construction

Foundation is done and gravel has been brought in so the slab can be poured.
Here is the slab floor in the garage being poured.
It is still such a shock to see the entire family room is gone.
Walls have started going up in the garage.
Each day the framers make so much progress that I have to take a picture so we can remember all the steps. The garage is starting to look like a garage! Corey has ordered all the windows, trusses and garage doors! This is so exciting!

More construction

Corey borrowed Dad's backhoe and dug out for the foundation. Here you can see the forms that have put in before the concrete was poured.
Michael really had fun ripping down the back porch. I went out there and said "Michael! What have you done?" He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.


Here is the existing house. You can see where the house has been added onto over the years and for some weird reason, the previous owners put on flat roofs. In our part of the country that is not going to work!
We were going to add a garage off the back and then peak the roof in the back, adding a second story above the family room. But.....then somehow this project took on a life of it's own. Now we are adding on a three car garage, cutting off the ENTIRE roof and adding on over 2500 sq ft. While the work is being done were are ALL living in about 1000 sq ft in the front of the house. Did I mention that we are down to one bathroom? YIKES!!!!!


The twins are always so good about making sure that their homework gets done-without any reminders. Michael helping Levi with a ride-on toy.
Matthew, Joshua and Hannah (with a shiner)...
The triple stroller lets me take all three little ones out for walks.
Levi and Liz

Hannah and Levi

The "Baby Team" (the kids call them that) are trying to figure out the laundry thing.
This picture was taken just before all hell broke loose. He pulled her hair and she turned around and tried to bite him. So, it is not surprising that I put them down for a nap...
Waiting for the grub...
Go Ducks!
Levi thinks that he is strong enough to pick her up...


Both the babies really like to play with the Lazy Susan.
Levi's first haircut! He was such a good sport. We were surprised that, no only did he hold totally still but he didn't cry at all!
Levi was so tired that he fell asleep before eating all his lunch.


Luckily she's small so the dishwasher door survived...
She is starting to use a fork and actually get the food to her mouth.
Hannah had a little cold and she wasn't really feeling well. She climbed into her car seat and just kicked back resting for about an hour. Levi kept going over to her to see what she was doing.

Hannah's 1st Birthday

Hannah had a wonderful first birthday party! As you can see here, she enjoyed the cake!
Here is Hannah opening her very first birthday present, sent from a friend in Canada.

Christmas 2006

Matthew LOVES tractors! So you can imagine how excited he was to see that this was his present...
All those presents and all she wants to do is eat the paper...
Somebody's not too happy about the bow on his head... The babies were so good this year that Santa left them lots of toys!

Christmas 2006

Joseph got a really good Pokemon card in his stocking.
Hopefully Michael's lego set won't end up all over the floor...
Timmy is a total Duck fan!
Josh, showing off his loot.
It's so much fun buying Barbies for this little cutie pie!