Saturday, November 29, 2008

Burping and other bodily issues

This is happy little Matthew, our 4 year old. See this cute little happy face? This is not the face he gave me the other day. Let me explain...

My dear husband will not allow any burping or farting around others. I have never actually heard him do either and we've been married for almost 15 years. Not allowing those actually has merits, I mean, who wants to be stuck in the van smelling something that has come out of someones, ugh...know what I mean?

But sometimes, I just have to let loose a really good burp, just to show the boys who is boss. Of course, this has to be done when the husband is not around.

The other day, I thought I was out of earshot, and I took a big swig of pop and let one loose. It was long, loud, and had lots of interesting textures to it. I turned around to see my 4 year standing there in open mouth astonishment. I was about to say "Hey babe, what do you think of that?" when he said:

"MOMMY! Where are your manners?! Control yourself!!!"

Now I'm just hoping that he doesn't tattle on me!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes

You would think that we only own one place to sit...good thing that they all have small buns.

Our favorite game-What does a "insert animal name" say? We usually play this at mealtime or bathtime. I ask what certain animals say and the little ones answer with an animal sound. Recently we have branched out and this is what the kids have come up with...

Me: What does a Daddy say?
Kids: Go Ducks! (said while pumping your fist in the air)

Me: What does a Mommy say?
Kids: No, No (said while shaking finger)

Me: What does a Joseph say?
Kids: (Make farting noises)

Me: What does a Michael say?
Kids: Mr. D (His soccer nickname, stands for Mr. Defense)

Me: What does a Timothy say?
Kids: I forgot (This is Tim's favorite and our not-so-favorite line)

Me: What does a Joshua say?
Kids: Beavers, boooooooo

Me: What does a Liz say?
Kids: Sorry, sorry, sorry (said while laughing and putting hand in someone's face)

Me: What does a Matthew say?
Kids: Tractor!

Me: What does a Hannah say?
Kids: Princess!

Me: What does a Levi say?
Kids: Batman (insert Batman music) Batman...

Me: What does the baby say?
Kids: (make crying noises while rubbing eyes)

Me: What does a Grandpa say?
Kids: Motorcycles! Vroom...vroom...

Me: What does a Grandma say?
Kids: Love you!!!

I think that pretty much sums us all up in one line each. I guess that doesn't say much about Joseph... Poor Josh, he is Joseph's roommate and he sleeps on the top bunk. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The smart kid and the not so much...

I asked Liz to clean under her bed. Her put on a stocking hat with her book light clipped on so she could see. Quite funny!

The not so smart one?...He (the older, taller twin wouldn't allow me to release his name) wouldn't let me take a picture of his shiner. How did he get the shiner you ask? While playing the Wii he got really into the game and accidently hit himself in the eye with his controller. That is the most lame self-inflicted injury that I have ever heard of!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

All caught up!

Now the kiddos get to put it all away!!! My favorite part...
After I snapped the "before" pix, I got down to business. Over four hours on my feet resulted in a much cleaner laundry room! Thank goodness I have three sets of machines! Although, I think I ran them so much today that they were getting ready to wave the white flag of surrender!

Making a grown woman weep...

What happens when your dear husband is out of town all week, you are doing childcare and taking care of your own nine kids? The laundry gets way, way behind... When you are doing over 25 loads a week getting behind is not good. It's actually very, very bad.
I have not been this far behind since I got my new laundry room. Before that I was constantly behind. The laundry piles would get so big that my dear hubby would joke about climbing to the top so he could put a flag up there. Funny, yet not so much...

All those empty hangers are never a good sign...

Friday, November 14, 2008


I love, love, love earrings on my girls!!!

We just had Lily's done (ok, well, I had Lily's done). My dear husband said that Lily was too young....but that was a couple of months ago. She is older now, right?

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Levi as Batman

Hannah was a beautiful princess
Matthew was the rescue!

Liz was a stylin' witch with glitter eye make-up and fake eyelashes
Halloween!!!! My favorite holiday! My dearest husband took all the kids except for Lily to the church for the chili cook-off and trunk-or-treat. The kids had a great time, pigging out on chili, playing games and trunk-or-treating for lots and lots of candy. We didn't even take them out door-to-door, they got so much. I stayed home and handed out full-size candy bars to trick-or-treaters. Because our house is totally decorated (people even were taking pictures) we got over 150 trick-or-treaters!