Monday, November 24, 2008

Out of the mouth of babes

You would think that we only own one place to sit...good thing that they all have small buns.

Our favorite game-What does a "insert animal name" say? We usually play this at mealtime or bathtime. I ask what certain animals say and the little ones answer with an animal sound. Recently we have branched out and this is what the kids have come up with...

Me: What does a Daddy say?
Kids: Go Ducks! (said while pumping your fist in the air)

Me: What does a Mommy say?
Kids: No, No (said while shaking finger)

Me: What does a Joseph say?
Kids: (Make farting noises)

Me: What does a Michael say?
Kids: Mr. D (His soccer nickname, stands for Mr. Defense)

Me: What does a Timothy say?
Kids: I forgot (This is Tim's favorite and our not-so-favorite line)

Me: What does a Joshua say?
Kids: Beavers, boooooooo

Me: What does a Liz say?
Kids: Sorry, sorry, sorry (said while laughing and putting hand in someone's face)

Me: What does a Matthew say?
Kids: Tractor!

Me: What does a Hannah say?
Kids: Princess!

Me: What does a Levi say?
Kids: Batman (insert Batman music) Batman...

Me: What does the baby say?
Kids: (make crying noises while rubbing eyes)

Me: What does a Grandpa say?
Kids: Motorcycles! Vroom...vroom...

Me: What does a Grandma say?
Kids: Love you!!!

I think that pretty much sums us all up in one line each. I guess that doesn't say much about Joseph... Poor Josh, he is Joseph's roommate and he sleeps on the top bunk. :)

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Rachel said...

Too cute! We play that game, too. I love their answers.
You should see my Delaney today. I swear, Becky, those bows are the greatest thing EVER. You are so wonderful. The turquoise one you made matches a pair of pants she has perfectly!!!