Thursday, September 24, 2009


Amidst all the canning and cooking lately, we took a day off, loaded up the kids in the prison van and headed to one of our state parks because we felt guilty for ignoring them so much while canning.

Gorgeous waterfalls...lots!

There were several that we were able to walk behind...amazing!

Total distance hiked...5 miles

Number of tired toddlers...3

Was it worth the hike?...completely!

Number of kids wanting to do the hike again...0

This picture makes me look like the waterfall is coming down directly on my head...nice.

Just getting started on the torture hike...we are all ok, not all of us...grumpy teenager excluded, as usual happy!

Matthew...little trooper!

Joseph...insistent on carrying Lily again not like I argued. After all, who actually wants 25 pounds of chub strapped to one's body. Oh wait, guess I already do.


Are you getting annoyed with my "..." yet? If not, then I'll keep going.

How many teenagers do you know that would pack their own strangely healthy lunch?...0?

With a plate for his salad????? Who's kid is this anyway?

According to the kids and adults this was the best part of the trip...lunch!

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