Monday, May 16, 2011


So...what do you do when you are 900 miles from home, on vacation, and you get the phone call?

Which phone call?

The one where you are informed that you have just been gifted 1000 pounds of strawberries.

1. Panic (repeat this step as often as necessary)

2. Cut your trip 12 hours short and drive through the night (this part is brutal) to get back.

3. Pick up the strawberries even before you go home.

4. Panic (again) as you realize you don't have the freezer space for the berries.

5. Go on Craigslist and find a freezer.

6. Find a free freezer that had just been posted.

7. Do a happy dance (this step is optional).

8. Wash berries, hull berries and freeze berries (repeat this step hundreds of times).

9. Be very, very grateful!


Jut and Char said...

I picked and processed about 100 lbs last year, (which made my thighs very sore, picking for that long is painful). All I can say about 1000 lbs is WOW! Oh and be even more grateful that you didn't have to pick them. :)

Lauren said...

I read this to David and he said that was how he grew up. He and his twin are the babies in a 9 child farm family. His mom only went grocery shopping once a month and they had lots of fridges/freezers.