Friday, September 16, 2011

Utah Vacation

This summer Corey took the kids back to Utah for 10 days to visit with his family.

Sadly, I wasn't able to go visit with all my in-laws because I had to work.

I even said that with a straight face.

Man...I'm getting good.

It was nice for the kids to get to play with all their cousins and to spend time with Corey's parents.

The kids got to do all kinds of fun things like carnivals, bowling and arcade games.

They had such a wonderful time and it was a really nice break for me too.

Michael stayed home with me so that he could watch over the garden and chickens.

I have never seen a kid more bored.

It was kind of humorous.

And, I think it made him appreciate his siblings.

At least for the first hour or two that they were back home.

Thanks Utah crew for taking good care of my kiddos!

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