Friday, November 18, 2011

County Fair

Excuses why I only post like buckshot every couple of months...

I work full time.
I have nine kids.
My computer is sloooowwww.
It was canning season.

I think that about covers it. are my usual random posts of things that happened in the past.

Just go ahead and play along and please don't acknowledge that I am getting further and further behind.

Okie dookie?


Here are some pictures of my littles at the county fair.

My littles wanted to go to see the animals.

I wanted to go and look at the chickens.

This year they had a fun area with agriculture items.

The corn and beans areas were the fav.

Kept them busy for awhile so it was a fav of mine too.

The last picture is just proof for a friend that lectured me was surprised when I informed him that I didn't buy junk food at the fair.

Apparently, that meant that my kids were deprived.

So...there is proof...they are eating an elephant ear which I bought one of and split it in four...ha!

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Maureen said...

Hey Girlfriend!

It's been months! How is everyone? Miss reading about you and your. What about corresponding?