Sunday, August 23, 2009

Swim Team

Each summer my older kids participate on the local swim team. It's more of a recreational league and not as competitive as the one that Joseph swims on year round.

It's at the local pool, which is only a mile from our house, and my kids can either bike or walk and I don't have to take them.

It is waaaaaay more reasonably priced then the swim lessons that the pool offers and they get to swim Monday thru Friday for the entire summer so they see a lot more time in the water and a lot less time at home, driving me crazy.

They also offer a sliding scale in the pricing department which means that you pay full price for the first kiddo and then for each additional child that you sign up, you pay less then full price. Each one is less money up to three.

You sign up three kids and the fourth one is free. I just love this kind of bulk pricing stuff.

Well, last year, I had five kids on the swim team. When I went in to sign them up, I asked about how much the fifth kid would cost me to swim as they only stated the pricing for up to four kids.

Apparently, no one had ever asked that question before. which probably explains why the man-child in charge looked at me like a deer caught in the headlights.

Because, the teenage boy in charge didn't know what to do the young man was feeling nice, he didn't charge me for number five either.

Buy three, get two free.

Me likey.

Here are some pictures of various swim meets for your personal viewing enjoyment.

Michael doing the butterfly, his favorite stroke.
Liz, waiting for her turn on the relay.

Lily, our future swimmer.

Joshua, Michael, Timothy and Joseph waiting in the bullpen for their turn at the freestyle relay. This is the ONLY time that they have put my four older boys on the same relay team.

It was awesome to watch! Michael swam the first leg, Timothy the second, Joshua the third and Joseph went last. They were so far ahead that during the third leg of the relay they were handed blue ribbons.

I love summer!!!

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