Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The zucchini are taking over!

Zucchini vs. Becky

48 loaves of zucchini bread later...I think I won this round!

We have some wonderful neighbors with nice gardens. Mid summer, when produce is abundant, our friends look to us as an easy target to unload the excess on bring us lots of fresh veggie gifts.

I actually get a kick out of figuring out what to do with what we are given. It's a challenge to not let anything go to waste. I know that makes me sound mental I like it. For real.

We were given A LOT of zucchini, most of it too big for me to consider slicing, cooking and serving to my family. So, I grated it for bread. Which, apparently, makes it grow. Seriously.

But I was feeling stubborn determined to use the grated zucchini and not just put it in the freezer and forget about it freeze it.

So, I decided to make as much bread as it took to use up all the grated zucchini. what a crazy decision!

I did make one slight change in the recipes that I had been using. Because there is a whole lotta oil in those recipes!

Last year when mom and I were canning pears we had pears that were still good but slightly too ripe to can. So, I sent those pears through my strainer and froze the pearsauce.

This pearsauce I substituted for half of the oil in the bread and I made a couple of different kinds of bread.


But no more zucchini...please...


deb sorensen said...

Wow! I'm pretty impressed. Especially by using the pear juice instead. You're inventive. what do u plan on doing with the loaves?

Jut and Char said...

That makes me feel bad about the zucs currents growing old in my fridge. Way to go Becky!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Very cool recipe!

I linked to your blog from MckMama's "Not Me Monday".. I am the oldest of 9 children, so the blog title caught my eye. :)