Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The tooth fairy has a thankless job

Matthew, at the tender age of 5 years 2 months has lost his first tooth.

To say that he was super excited is a gross understatement.

The tooth fairy is a frugal gal but leaves the kids $1 for each tooth left under their pillow.

She would leave less money but coins=choking hazard around these here parts.

Some years past when the three older kids were losing teeth I, um, I mean, the tooth fairy was making several visits a week.

$1...and they are happy to get that.

Mostly because they are relieved to discover that the tooth fairy didn't totally space her duties. because for awhile there it was the norm for the tooth fairy to mysteriously come in the middle day after it was pointed out that she forgot to come the night before...again.

When the kids got old enough and got the whole game figured out they would just come to me with their tooth and ask for $1. Not much fun in that ,but at least that saved the tooth fairy from having to remember another stop on her nightly tour.

What totally cracks me up and leaves me shaking my head is stories of kids being left tons of $, gift baskets or $50 games. For one tooth? Seriously?

I wonder what this world would be like if we all managed to scale things back...

I'm game.

Unless that means I have to give up my shoes.

Then, never mind.

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Ginger said...

The tooth fairy is generous at your house. Here in Montana, the kids at my house only get a quarter, and usually it's the tooth fairy's "assistant" that does that.