Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am bilingual

In fact, I am so fluent in my other language that English could be considered my second language.

That I even spoke more than one language was a recent revelation.

Several days ago, we were attempting to round up the herd load up all the kids into the prison van. Part of that process is the locating of the shoes. Not fun, but necessary as I don't want my kids to resemble orphans.

The shoes belonging to one of the girls could not be found and I was just sure that they had to have been relocated to the upstairs.

Unfortunately, for Timothy, he was standing nearby so I ordered asked him to go upstairs and look for them.

I told him to look for a pair of Old Navy pink thong-style flip flops with a cork wedge heel.

How hard could that be, seriously?

He came back with a pair of yellow sandals that had a flat heel.


I sent him back upstairs after repeating the description of the shoes.

Several minutes later he returned...with the correct pair of shoes.

This is what he had to say...

Timothy: "Why didn't you tell me that they were high heels?"

Me: "I said that they had a cork wedge heel."

Timothy: "I don't speak that language, Mom."

Me: **confused** "What language is that?"

Timothy: "Shoe. I don't speak shoe."

That is when I had an epiphany.

I speak shoe.

Wonder if I can list that on my resume?

Just curious...


Maura said...

That's classic!! LOL

Gotta love it... hey if the kids can speak "Star Wars"... you can speak "Shoe".

rachel said...

well tell your sweet little boy that i don't really speak shoe either.

rachel said...

i hope we can still be friends after a comment like that.