Wednesday, July 22, 2009

3 year old boys are a different species

Why exactly is it called the "Terrible Twos" anyway?

Three year old boy is waaaaay worse.

There is nothing harder and more challenging makes you wish you drank then a three year old boy. *

I love all my kids but I especially get a kick out of my boys.

Watching them play sports, seeing their determination, their competitiveness...well, I just love it.

I was a tomboy myself except for when it came to shoes so sometimes I have a hard time relating to the "girliness" of my girls.

However, there is a little blip on the radar screen of boyhood, the year that they are three.

When the twins were both three I was totally a rookie it nearly killed me. We sought counseling for them. Seriously. Looking back on that now, I laugh at myself. They were just normal 3 year old boys. I thought they were possessed.

We have six boys. Thankfully, five have already passed through the 3 year old boy stage.

Five to go.

Levi is now three.

Prayers welcome.

*We have not experienced "teenage girl" yet which I hear is also bad.


Kelly said...

I am a mom of two little girls, our oldest is 3 1/2, so I'm much less experienced than you, and of course have no sons yet, but I couldn't agree more about the "different species" part! My husband and I were borderline cocky when she went through twos practically a perfect angel!! Then three hit and OH MY LORD!

We actually called the pediatrician about her behavior once and I could hear the nurse cover the phone trying to muffle her laughter...

She's getting a little better now...but that teenage girl thing is still looming (hopefully) WAY in the future!

Wendi said...

It probably isn't a bad idea to actually seek counseling when you hit teenage girl stage. For yourself, not her. Or just take up drinking (j/k)

Broken said...

I can not agree with you more. My three year old makes me want to pull my hair out on a daily basis. My prayers are with you :)

deb sorensen said...

I've seen teenage boys be pretty rough, too...
LOL good luck

Maura said...

LOL... Terrible Twos are nothing compared to the Tumultuous Threes!!

Good luck getting through it again with your little guy... I have it coming but with double trouble and of the female variety!

rachel said...

Well aren't I lucky???
I have a 3 year old boy AND a teen girl!!! LOL
Heaven help us all.