Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A policeman gave the boys a ticket

A free ice cream ticket for being "caught" using their bike helmets!

They said they were scared when the cop pulled over and told them to stop. Joshua couldn't figure out what they had done wrong.

Luckily, they had done something right!

They came home, told us, and then promptly jumped back on their bikes and went down to Dairy Queen to redeem their reward.

Joshua and "Chan-man" on their bikes


Tudu said...

That is so exciting! I'm sure they were terrified. LOL

Ginger said...

Jessica was given one of those when we lived there. Imagine how fun it was for her to call grandma and say that she got pulled over by the police while riding her bike! Glad the boys are using their noggins.

Rayli said...

I love that! How cute!

Chelley said...

That is so good that the police let them know they are doing the RIGHT thing!! and that not everything the police do is bad or to be worried about!! LOL But I bet they really were worried when it first happened.

Wendi said...

It says something very sad about the current state of our society that our children's first reaction to being pulled over by a policeman is fear.