Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Texting King

Notice the focus...the eyes staring unblinking at the screen...the phone clenched tightly...the massive texting muscles on the thumbs...

Michael, one of the twins, at the tender age of 14, decided that he was the only kid on the face of the planet without texting on his phone needed texting.

So, because I want my teenagers to like me because I was feeling nice, I added unlimited texting to our cell phone plan.

I thought that it might be a fun way for the twins to keep in touch with their friends over the summer and that it would give them something to do.

No kidding.

Do you have any idea how many messages that a teenage boy is capable of sending? I didn't. Thank goodness we got unlimited texting. In the first 10 days alone, Michael had sent/received almost 6,000 messages. Maybe I'm just naive but that surprised me.

Do you know what surprised me more?

Having my son stay up till 2 in the morning texting a girl, multiple nights in a row until I realized what was going on and then confiscated his phone nightly at 10pm.

Yep, that was surprising.

But that's not all.

The most surprising thing was having a girl show up at my house at 6am girl? here for my son? Are you serious? Wearing make-up? And short-shorts? The grey hairs just popped up all over my head. I am so not ready for all this. Someone help me. gulp. to go "walking" with my son.

Wake me up with this is over.


Robin said...
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Pink Slippers said...

Thank you for the congratulations on my new little Ruby. She has been wonderful!

Robin said...

I deleted the comment only because I forgot to post about the fact that a girl at your home so early shows up is kinda freaky. I have seen strange things as well but having a texting teen is a good means that they usually respond when you are far from them. My other comment that I deleted was this... You have done better getting the unlimited. I got my daughter 500 messages and kept going over, using her savings to pay me back until I went unlimited. Half the time, these kids text "K"! Best wishes!

rachel said...

Let the games begin!