Monday, September 6, 2010

School kiddos

This year I will have eight kids attending four different schools.

The six oldest have started already and the two preschoolers will start at the end of the month.

You would probably think that getting all these kiddos ready for school would be a total nightmare.

Not so...pinky promise.

After I had received the current school supplies lists, I pulled out my tub of school supplies to see what I already had.

Seems like the school supplies lists just keep getting longer and longer.

When the prices are so good in the fall, I stock up.

I had a bunch of stuff left over and I just figured out what I still needed.

I asked the kids to tell me if they needed new backpacks or binders.

Thankfully, my frugal, practical children only reported needing one new binder.

I asked them how their clothes were holding up and if they needed anything.

I buy clothes all year long, at Goodwill, so there is no big "school clothes" shopping trip.

My only exception was Joshua, who has been growing, who needed an entire new wardrobe.

So I went out to the mall, bought him all new clothes and spent hundreds of dollars.


Of course I didn't.

Joshua and I went up to the third level where I have the clothes sorted by size, in tubs and hanging up.

We found him a new wardrobe, of name brand clothes, in less then 30 minutes.

He said that clothes shopping this way "was really fun".

I spent about $50 total, on school supplies, and all the kids were ready to go.

Here is my big first grader, Matthew, with his new teacher.
Here are my middle school kiddos, Elizabeth and Joshua.

Joshua is so excited that summer is over, can't you tell?
My three high schoolers, Timothy (frosh), Michael and Joseph (soph).
We are in for a great year...

I'm sure of it!

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