Saturday, September 4, 2010

Utah Trip

Remember when I mentioned that I was close to going postal stayed home while my family ran away from me went to Utah?

Even though my previous post may have seemed otherwise, I do realize that it wasn't all about me unfortunately.

They had a ton of fun and didn't want to come home.

My little ones are still asking when they can go back.

We have an enclosed trailer and it was packed totally full of clothes, bedding, bikes and misc items that needed to be hauled back to Utah.

Showing off our true redneck selves, I filled up a full-sized freezer full of dinners and Corey loaded it up in the trailer and took it too.

We just didn't want to burden anyone with our large fam and eating out is something that we only do once or twice a year.

Corey took the kids and did some really fun things.

They got to go on bike rides...
Cousin Kristina and Hannah
Lily Pad and Levi
They played on the playground...
Lily went to jail...
Oops, my bad,
She's just on the playground.
Cousin Allison and Liz
Cousin Emily?
I think this is Emily.
Zip's not like we see them that much and there are lots of kids, K?
One of the twins.
Don't ask me which one.
Cuz I don't have  clue.
Here are the twin cousins, Reagan and Ashley.
I can't tell them apart so I just call them Rashley or Agan.
That way they will both answer.
Lily Pad
Hannah Banana
The kids played in the back yard...

We so need to work on Levi's "say cheese" face...
The kids loved the little blow up pool.
And LP (Lily Pad) couldn't get enough of the zip line.
The twins got to go to a pro soccer game.

Thanks for the tickets Uncle Casey!
They went hiking...
And had snacks...
So beautiful!

Almost makes me want to move there.

Except my in-laws are there.

So, almost not.

Kidding people...
Corey and the kids that went hiking
Corey's brother, Jamie and his family
All the excitement wore out lil LP.
They got to hang out with family that they rarely get to see...
Michael with Corey's mom and Corey's brother, Casey (my fav BIL)
Matthew with Corey's stepmom
Corey with his dad and five of his siblings
20 of the 21 (and counting) grandkids
That is a whole lotta Walkers...

Just sayin...


Nike said...

Becky, looks like they had a blast! We're did they go hiking? I need somewhere fun to go on Labor Day ... in Utah. A hike sounds like fun.

Jensamom23 said...

That looks like fun! I love that you call the twins Rashley or Agan...that sounds like something would do! Blessings.

Anonymous said...

I had a son, Ben, whose name I ALWAYS get right. Then I had 3 daughters, Christy, Susan, and Katie.
Katie has never actually been called Katie. Her official name is Chris-Sue-Katie and sometimes, now that we're older, we call her Jasmine, our granddaughter's name. (sigh)
So I'm all for the Agan and Rashley idea. Or maybe something more generic, like 'Hey Kid!'.