Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Still selling like a mad woman

Well, I'm still selling but maybe not like a mad woman.

Cuz selling things makes me happy, not mad.

We sold the black futon/couch thing that was purchased from a student who was moving.

We paid $35 and we sold it for $60.
I grabbed this cute little wood coffee table down at Goodwill for $7.

The front legs were pretty scratched up so I priced it at $20.

I sold it a couple of days after posting it on Craigslist.
We also sold Josh's loft bed for $100 (had previously bought it at GW for $25) and a set of bunk beds that we were no longer using.

As for ebay, I sold about 100 items this month and it just keeps getting better and better.

Maybe because I am figuring out what I am doing?

Here are some highlights...

This beautiful yellow silk JCrew dress was purchased at GW for $6.

It was a formal style, which doesn't resell well, but JCrew is a pretty hot brand so I thought I would take a chance.

It sold for $29.99 which is what I listed it at.
I bought this cute girl's Gap denim skirt for $2.

I was going to give it to my 10 year old daughter for school but she didn't want it.

Apparently she had trouble walking in the long skirts.

So, I took it and listed it on ebay.

It sold for $20.51.
Chicos is another great brand which resells really well.

These black stretch Travelers style pants were purchased for $2.50.

They sold for $21.47.
I wasn't sure if these Prana cargo pants in a size small would do very well but since they were only $2.50, I thought I'd try it.

They surprised me when they sold for $11.51.
But my biggest surprise of the month was this fish embroidered, Quacker Factory denim jumper dress.

I almost didn't buy it, even though it was only $3.

It was brand new with the button covers and a pin hanging on the front in bubble wrap and it was a plus size which is a plus (hee...hee...get it? Plus size being a plus. Ok, not funny? Guess you had to be there?)

Maybe because it wasn't something I would wear or because I didn't feel like it was exactly trendy but I hummed and hawed for awhile before putting it in my cart.

Even though I usually don't start my dresses under $10, I was concerned about this one so I started the listing at $7.

I had barely got it listed when it got it's first bid.

Color me shocked.

Color me very shocked when it sold, with multiple bids, for $28.



But I love it!

Anyway, my selling will have to slow down for awhile as canning season is in full swing.

Guess I should slow down on the buying as well right now.

But that is the fun part so we will see...

Happy Selling!


mary said...

you are awesome-major kudos on the reselling with a goal in mind. (i think i found you from better after and have been enjoying your blog in secret.)

Kristy said...

I can't believe that dress sold for $28. It is hideous. But something for everyone. I did ebay for quite awhile and I just couldn't keep up with all the mailing. I pretty much just sold all our old clothes, shoes and such, and made quite a bit. I made the most off of shoes. I bought several pair from Value Village at $2 or $3 and sold them for about $15-$20 each. Sizes 7-8 seemed to sell the best. I had a faux suede with wool trim jacket, that I bought on a clearance at target for about $5 and it sold for $71. I think that was my biggest take. I wish I had the patience to take it up again.

Cheap&Sweet said...

I love selling stuff Im just lazy I guess 8-) I got about 20 things to sell and just dont wanna mess with it. I always do good with eBay but for some reason I hate to mess with it and cl most of my stuff.

I Love your blog! How you handle nine kids is beyond my comprehension, I have 2 and babysit 3 more and their are days I dont think im gonna make it. So props to you.

I agree with Kristy that dress is awful! lol

Meet Polly: said...

I'm inspired! Seriously. I visit Goodwill a lot but never look at the clothes. What are your tips? Look for recognizable name brands?

Mona said...

Wow. I am impressed. You are getting a good mark-up on the items you sell. You obviously have the right 'eye' for what might sell.
You inspire me. ^_^
Have a great day today.