Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Still working on the vacation fund

I am happy to report that we are almost halfway with the Disneyland buckeroos.

We nailed down our house rental and were able to PIF(!!!) thanks to some hard work by Corey and the twins. Who knew that working a fireworks booth in Utah would come in so handy dandy?!

As for lil' ol' moi...

I'm still working the ebay and Craigslist angle.

I won't bore you will all the nitty gritty but will just show you some of this summer's resale highlights.

I bought this beautimous (is that even a word?) Diane Von Furstenberg silk dress for 6 bucks. New it was around $400 (rolls eyes and says "as if" under breath). I listed it for $29.99 and that is what it sold for.
This cute little silk number by Odille would have been promptly designated to my personal wardrobe if I was thin, tan and cute. But since I am lacking in all one or two of those areas, I had to pass.

It cost me 6 smackerals so when it sold for $33 , I was one happy camper.
Craigslist never fails to impress me.

This queen sized platform bed with queen futon mattress sold for $80. I paid $25 for it at GW and had multiple people wanting it.

I love it when it works out like that.
This cute little table and chair set needed some tightening of bolts.

Easy peesey.

I picked it up off of CL for $25, brought it home, Joshua (age 12) tightened it up and I relisted it for $60.

After a freakin email stampede, a mere hour later it was already picked up.
This light wasn't a top seller but I'm only including it here but I thought it was so stinkin cool.

I paid $4 for it and sold it at my Nana's garage sale for $15.
I could just imagine a big ol banker dude sitting here in this chair, all chill with his feet on his desk.

This vintage bankers chair was purchased for $3 and it took a reaaalllly long time before it finally sold for $20.

I would have thought that an old time, solid walnut bankers chair would have fetched more cash.

Weird, huh?
This solid oak desk with hutch was about $600 new "back in the day".

I bought it for $10 at GW and sold it via CL for $40.
This extra large bean bag had some water damage but for $3 I just couldn't pass it up.

It sold on CL for $25.
This cute wooden dollhouse and furniture was picked up for $10 at GW. It sold at Nana's garage sale for $25.
Bunkbeds are always a good resale item.

This set was $25 at GW and they sold for $85.
This is only a fraction of the stuff that come and gone out of here.

I know some people won't understand.

Some might turn up their noses at the notion of me reselling items.

Others might say that it is more trouble then it is worth.

I'm okay with that.

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rachel said...

I won't be one of those people to say that. In fact, I'm envious of your "eye" for a steal!!