Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I was in "time-out"

Thanks for noticing that I was on a bit of a bloggy break.

Truth is, I had discovered something.

Over the last year...

We had six kids play on a total of sixteen different teams, of which we made (Mom did help out with a few on nights that we had more then 2 games at the same time)

Four boys in Scouts, two of which made Eagle.

Two kids in Student Council, planning floats, dances and activities.

Six kids in three different schools with homework, field trips and schedules to keep track of.

Three kiddos at home, too young for school but old enough for us to plan fun things for.

Reselling items on Craigslist.

Cooking for a small army.

Laundry for a village of dirty peeps.

Cleaning a house big enough for us all.

Keeping track of the whole darn thing.

Trying to "do it all".

Results in BURNOUT!

I was starting to crack.

And it was noticeable.

Corey noticed it too.

This was the conversation that we had...

C: Can I help you with anything hun?

Me: Can you invent me a time machine?

C: **Looks confused**

Me: Can you invent me a time machine so I can go back in time and kick my own a** at the moment that I decided to have nine kids?


Me: Oh? Well, then there's nothing you can do for me.

Strangely enough, it was the next day that Corey announced that for every one's safety he was taking the kids to Utah for two weeks...and leaving me at home.

So, that hopefully evil demon Becky would leave and normal Becky would be at home when he returned that I could get a break.

Sounds heavenly, right?

I had huge plans.

I was going to clean the entire house, finish all my unfinished projects, clean out all the kids rooms, cook 100 meals, paint all my resale furniture, list 200 items on ebay, lose 50 pounds, look 20 years younger and be totally tan.  Of course, I was going to solve all the world's problems too.

Realistic huh?

So, what did I get done.

Not much.

I discovered a couple of things.

#1 I am unable to sleep when in the house all by myself.

Not like, "I had a bit of trouble falling to sleep."

But, heart-racing, panic-attacking, noise-hearing, door-locking and re-locking, taser-clutching not sleeping.

By the end of week one, I appeared zombie-like from massive sleep deprivation.

I begged Corey to come home early.

They came home after 10 of the longest days of my whole entire life days.

I was just so grateful that they were back home safe and sound.

And I was finally able to get some sleep.

The other thing that I found out?

Our sweet cat, Boo has MAJOR separation issues.

I don't know if it is because he was abandoned once before, but he took the absence of our family very hard.

Every time I would go out into the yard, I had a piece of black Velcro on my leg.

He was a hot mess.

Well, I guess we both were.
When you are sleep deprived, a funny picture of your cat will make you laugh hard enough to have a alleged accident on the kitchen floor.
It will have you naming your cat "King Boo" and taking pictures of him on his throne.
You will also take picture...
after picture...
after picture...
after picture...
of your cat, with his eyes closing due to the flash...

All the while laughing hysterically.

Not that I did, of course.

I'm happy to report that I'm now well rested and back in the saddle.

They just better not ever leave me again.
The end.


Nike@TheDirtyHalfDozen said...

Yeah! You're back! I'm so glad I'm not the only mom who hit burn out this summer. I'm running away this weekend and have been told not to return until I find it. We'll see what happens. Should have sent your kids my way when they were in town. Nine + six would have been loads of fun and lots of messes. Glad you're back in bloggy land. And you look great and tan so no worries.

rachel said...

Oh my gosh, those pics of the cat made me crack up!!!
I remember when Martin would travel... I'd FREAK out. I have a funny story for you one of these days.
Glad they're back. Kick Joseph in the butt, though, for not coming to the Trek reunion last week. ;)

rachel said...
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Nora said...

Girl, I get stressed just having 3 boys with ADHD and my daily leave me in awe, even if you're about to impersonate an axe murderer! *LOL* Do you get "The Twitch" too? (left or right eye, doesn't matter)

I know what you mean about not being able to sleep...took me YEARS to get the hang of it, but now I'm asking "When's your next road trip?" because that means I get the bed to myself (he's a bedhawg!).

I only wish that after that much stress I looked HALF as pretty as you do!!