Friday, August 20, 2010

More cakes

A friend of mine asked me to make the cake for her kids big birthday party.

Just cuz I'm not a birthday par-tay believer doesn't mean that I am a party pooper.

And who doesn't love cake?

She wanted two different cakes but wanted them displayed together.

We went with a "bad boy" flame look on the bottom for her son and an "everything nice" look on the top for her daughter.

I bought some hollow pillars and put them in slightly at an angle for more of a whimsical look and less of a "weddingy" look.

The funny thing is there were so many candles on the bottom cake that the cardboard under the top cake actually caught on fire.

Too funny.

And yet, kinda not.
Another black and white wedding cake.

I really think these are my fav.
And I have one more next weekend.

They have given me complete creative control.


**Rubs hands together in glee**


1 comment:

Katie said...

I love the cakes...especially the black and white one. They turned out great!