Friday, January 2, 2009

Snow days!

The view from our front porch

Matthew and Hannah walking through the snow

Liz with her Snowmen creations

Hannah Banana

Liz, NOT throwing a snowball at me

A week before Christmas we got snow, which is rare for our little neck of the woods. The kids had such a blast making snowforts, snowmen and lots and lots of snowballs. Everytime they would come inside they thought that they were entitled to hot chocolate. They missed most of the week of school which was exciting for them, fun for us and relaxing to not have to keep up with a schedule. Tim kept a snowball in the freezer up until New Years when he used it for ice in his water. Yummy.

The kids were in the back field most of the time and due to my broken toe still hurting I chose not to make the trek out back for pictures. So, unfortunately, I only have a few pix of the kids that were in the front yard.

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