Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I finally realized what my thing is!

You do know what "thing" I'm talking about right?

I look around at my friends, family and classmates and I notice that they have "things".

I have a friend that makes beautiful handmade beads.

Another friend is a sewing wiz.

My cousin's wife sells houses like nobodies business.

At school, I have a classmate that is a Dive master.

Another is a professional soccer player.

And it just got me a thinkin'...

What is my thing?

What if I didn't have a thing?

After all...I'm just a mom.

Who does mom things.

So...I tried to think about things that I was good at...

That I enjoyed doing.

What first came to mind was food.

Don't laugh...

I'm serious.

Quite often my family is given food by my parents.

Seems like my folks know everyone in their small town.

And people are always asking them if they can use things.

Like 40 pounds of chicken.

Or 30 pounds of onions.

10 pounds of carrots.

10 Butternut squash.

And they say "Sure!"

And bring them straight to me.

Then (this is the fun part) I have the challenge of figuring out what to do with all that food.

How to make it into something useful...nutritious...and yummy.

I really, really enjoy this.

It was then that I realized...

My thing is cooking.  And I really enjoy cooking from scratch.

That I have a large family to cook for is just a bonus.

I'm so grateful that this is my "thing".

I'm also really happy that it isn't something like skydiving or rock climbing too.

Cuz those things just freak me out.

So...what did I do with all that food?

14 Chicken Pot pies and 40 dozen muffins.

What is your thing?


Connie said...

I think another 'thing' of yours is raising really great kids. Even your blog description says it isn't for the faint of heart. Oh ya, and it's good thing your other thing is cooking, I am sure your family is thankful.

I enjoy your blog although I don't get by very often to comment, it sure is fun when I do.

Jut and Char said...

Becky I could have told you that your thing was food. Between your beautiful cakes and amazing food storage abilities you are wonder in the kitchen. You are also very creative. You have the rare ability to look at something old and ratty and see the potential. Also, you are not "just" a mom.

Lauren said...

I just found your blog through the Sorensen family. (Last name used to be Burks and my mom Crystal and I used to be in JC ward.) I love all your thrifty ideas! We just had kiddo #2 and are living on a tight budget, so I like all your ideas for saving money. Plus I love reading blogs where the moms are witty and don't take themselves so seriously. :)

Kelly said...

Oh man. If only I had just a little of your cooking thing. I hate to cook and I am so bad at it. And that is not the best thing to not have when you have 9 kids.

Not sure what my thing is but it is not cooking. UHH.

Love the post and it hit the jealous button on my computer. :)

Beverly said...

How and when I came across your blog I can't remember but from day one I have been in awe of all you do. Being a good mom is the biggest "thing" you can do and you seem to be good at it. Your children are blessed.