Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Got books?

I love to read.

It's been that way as long as I've been reading.

That is probably one of the main reasons that I don't watch TV.

I don't have anything against TV...

I'd just rather be reading a good book.

Over the summer I read over 60 books.

Gotta love the local library.

I have kids that love to read too and they read a ton of books over the summer.

I read the books first and then they read them. Not only does that give me a chance to monitor what they are reading but we are then able to have some really great conversations about the books.

Here are some series that we thought were note able-
Thumbs Up-Alex Rider
Alex Rider

8 books in the series

Three of us read this series and we were all cheering on the teenage spy, Alex.

Thumbs Up-Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl

6 books in the series

Two of us read the series and found the child genius to be really fun and interesting.

Thumbs Up-Fablehaven

5 books in the series

Two of us read the series and loved it!  Joshua is currently reading it AGAIN.
Thumbs Up-The Candy Shop
Not a series but written by the same author as the series Fablehaven.

We enjoyed it...definitely worth a read.

Thumbs Up-Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

5 books in the series

Four of us read the whole series.  Much, much better than the movie!

Thumbs Up-Ranger's Apprentice

Ranger's Apprentice

9 books in the series

Three of us read these with a fourth working on them right now.

My favorite series this summer!

Book nine just came out...can't wait to get a copy!

Just okay-Maximum Ride
Maximum Ride

7 books in the series

I'm the only one that read all these.

Michael read a little bit and declared them "boring"

I have to agree.

Just okay-Keys to the Kingdom
Keys to the Kingdom

7 books in the series

I'm the only one that read them.

I found them a bit weird.  Course that is just my opinion and the same thing could be said about me.

Trash and Don't Even Bother-House of Night

House of Night

I have no idea how many are in the series and I don't even care.

Can I just tell you how glad that I am to have read these books before I would have passed them on to my kids?

That this crap is marketed to our young adults is disgusting. Blo.w Job.s, Se.x with a Teac.her and repeated use of the F wor.d

And all in the teen section of my local library.


The only time I remarked in person to someone (my hairdresser) that these books were filth, she told me that had purchased them for her 14 year old daughter.

Her justification?

That the kids are surrounded by it anyway.

I didn't comment in person. Because, after all, she was coloring cutting my hair and I didn't want to make her mad. I may be opinionated but I'm  not stupid.

But, in my humble opinion, just because my kids are surrounded by it does not make me feel justified in shoving more in front of their faces.

Enough said.

Happy Reading!


Kelli said...

AMEN SISTER!! I homeschool my kids, and this year, I checked the local school reading list (9th grade) and was SHOCKED at what is included...not only the subjects you listed, but some more (sex topics) as well as rape and even worse...for my 9th grader! Not so much. So, I'm making up my own reading plan. Kids do NOT need to read that junk in order to learn (in my humble opinion)...that was actually an arguement to our local paper..."that the Christian parent group who is pre-reading and then evaluating these books is not helping the kids, b/c they learn better by reading difficult books...". OK, so I paraphrased, but still, it's ridiculous. Glad to see another like minded parent :)

Jensamom23 said...

I think I love you! I get so irritated with parents who think just because kids will see/hear/ be around bad things, it is justified. Probably a smart idea not to say anything your hairdresser. :-) Continued Blessings.

Jajabor said...

Artemis Fowl is brilliant! I was kind of disappointed, though, when Artemis became increasingly conventional down the series...

(I've been reading your blog for some time now. I love your art/craft/food projects.)


bex said...

Random Story- The fablehaven series has been to my costco to sign autographs a few times. There hasn't really been a lot of people stopping to talk and get autographs- although I do go at non peak hours... Anyway, I walked by and glanced at his sign, and he said to me "Any science fiction fans in the house?" I kept walking and said "sorry, no". My husband the jokester was walking behind me, and asked him if he wrote any LDS romance novels:) Sadly, the answer was no:)

Angie said...

Thanks for the book recommendations! And I could also go on an hour-long rant about the content in so-called teen and Y.A. fiction. I wish books were required to have ratings, just like movies and video games. I think it would revolutionize the teen/Y.A. fiction industry!

Kimzonia said...

Helloo from Norway!

I have read your blog for a while and like it very much. :)

Have you read the Inheritance Cycle? It's a series of fantasy novels by Christopher Paolini. The first book was filmed some years ago. Eragon.