Saturday, November 27, 2010

More ebay stuff...

I love being a mom.'s really nice to have something to think about besides diapers and dinners.

Like...a hobby.

And when a hobby makes you money...bonus!

My hobby recently has been buying and selling items, both on ebay and Craigslist.

I'll admit that I got a bit behind during soccer season.

Except I kept on buying the clothes.

I just didn't get them all listed.

I realized that there was a problem when I looked at my dining room table the other day and...


Where did my table go?

Has anyone seen the table?

Long...oval...outdated honey oak...?



It's under that mountain of clothes?



I got to work and started listing the clothes.

Because I needed my table back.

The last couple of weeks have been very busy for ebay.

Last week I shipped out over 50 items.

But the pile is getting smaller...I think.

Here are some top sellers...

I always get so excited when I see Prana items.

Because they always sell...the first week that I list them.

This super soft Prana sweater (size small) was no exception.

Bought for $2.50 and sold with multiple bids for $13.38.
Long, straight skirts always do well.

This Eddie Bauer tan corduroy skirt was purchased for $2 and sold for $13.
I have yet to meet a long straight denim skirt that I couldn't sell.

This 20W skirt was purchased for $2 and sold for $12.
My top seller was this gorgeous blood red dress by Jones New York (size small).

Purchased for $3 and sold for $29.

The blog My Dear Trash has great ebay tips. Go check them out for inspiration and advice.
I really haven't been doing much buying and selling of furniture anymore.

Our Goodwill store got a new manager a couple of months ago and the prices have gone crazy.

For example, I used to be able to pick up wood dressers for $10-15 but now they are asking $50-70.


As I left from my weekly shopping trip, I spied a solid wood entertainment center that had just been donated.

Because there was no room in the store if they would mark down the stuff to reasonable prices, they would sell stuff and actually have room in the store? and it was getting rained on.

They sold it to moi for $15.

Me likey.

I put it on CL the day before Thanksgiving and it sold the day after.

For $50.

That's more like it!
Happy Selling!

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Jensamom23 said...

Good for you! I love your new background, too.