Sunday, November 14, 2010

I misjudged...

I spent weeks searching for the perfect dog for our family.

I had a list of demands traits that we deemed desirable.

Breed...I could care less.

Temperament...most important.

We made several trips in to the pound.

Talk about heartbreaking!

We looked high and low until we found Zoey.

She had all the qualities that we were looking for.

That she had brains plus beauty...a total bonus.

That she was a big dork was just the icing. After all, that meant that she fit in perfectly.

So we all lived happily ever after, right?

Sadly...not so.

It's my fault really.

You see...I misjudged.

I misjudged the prejudice against Zoey's breed.

She's a gorgeous blue nosed pit bull.

Which is a much misunderstood breed.

Our family and friends were horrified that we would bring a pit bull into our home.

This was the cause of much concern on our behalf.

Any kind of contention causes me much anxiety.
In the end I folded.

So...Zoey went back to her former owners.

Tears have been shed and hearts broken.

One of my teenagers said...

"Our house just feels so empty without her here."

And in a house where 11 people live...

I think that says it all...


Troy said...
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Troy said...

Sometimes, friends aren't nearly as helpful as they think they are.

And you know what they say about family... at least you can choose your friends.

Zoey looked like a beautiful dog. But maybe your "People" will be happier of you get a little ugly yappy dog that bites ankles....

Either way, I enjoy reading your blog, it reminds me that there are "real people" out there in blogland.

(reposted, without all the embarassing typos)

Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Oh Becky, I'm so sorry you had to give up your new dog. How heartbreaking for all of you, including that poor puppy. :(

Jensamom23 said...

So sorry for you. Hope you find a dog soon that will ber a perfect fit in all ways. Continued Blessings!

Jensamom23 said...

So sorry for you. Hope you find a dog soon that will ber a perfect fit in all ways. Continued Blessings!

Devon said...

Stumbled on your blog, absolutely love it! I have 4 kids and one that I babysit... so a busy house (not as busy as yours) too. I'm posting because we have a pitbul lab X and he is the best dog I've ever known. So full of personality and fits in great with the kids. My mom was also horrified when we told her his breed. She's starting to come around as she sees more and more that he's a lover, not a fighter. Sad to hear about Zoey :(