Monday, May 31, 2010

Freebies of the Week

Before I show you the pictures of all my "finds" for the week, I just want to clarify something.

Ya know when I was talking in an earlier post about not wanting to be a collector of stuff?

I was totally talking about the kid's stuff.

Not mine.

Cuz, if I was talking about my stuff, the following pictures would confirm that I am a hypocrite.

And, who would want that.



with that being said...

Here are my freebies of the week...

All these art supplies came out of the dumpster at GW.

A lot of the little brushes were new, some still in their package.

We couldn't even reach them all but just grabbed the ones near the top.

This cute little V-tech toy was still in it's box.

It hooks up to the TV and is for toddlers.

Lily had such a fun time pushing all the buttons and watching what was happening on the TV screen.

Apparently it was a bit too much for my supercool 15 year old, Michael.

He left the room but not before remarking that he was ready to go throw himself off of the room.

Such dramatics...

Four picture frames (with GW tags still on them)

Two games (haven't checked to see if all the pieces are there yet)

One little glass globe thingie

One hardback American Tourister Suitcase.

I sure love me some suitcases.

I still haven't started finished the last suitcase project yet.

Guess I'd better get on that...

Small metal file cabinet.

Really good shape except for the circular rust stain on the top.

Corey needed somewhere to store all those old files from his business that you have to hang on to, like forever...

I scored this heavier then sin dresser for free off of Craigslist.

Corey thought that it must have its drawers full of bricks because it was so heavy.

No drawer pulls but that is easily fixed.

A free oak coffee table that just needs a sanding and new coat of paint.

I admit that I squealed out loud when Corey unloaded this free dresser.

I can't believe that someone just wanted this gone...for free.

When I sent Corey as my errand boy we went to go pick up an oak table with five chairs that I bought off of CL (for $40...score!) the people there gave Corey this patio set.

They were moving and just wanted it gone.


And last, but not least...

When Josh, Liz and I were out garage-saling this weekend we picked up this chair (with matching couch) off of the curb in front of the cutest old lady thatyoueverdidsee's house.

This set (in need of new upholstery) she had owned since before I was born and it dates back to the 30's or 40's. I lovelovelove the wooden accents.

These will look perfect in my front room...

After it gets remodeled...

And after I get the set reupholstered...

She made me promise "after" pictures.

And I promised her visitation rights.

The furniture has lived through teenagers once.

Hope it can do it again...

Suddenly my list of "to do" projects is growing.



Ronda Batchelor said...

I love free stuff! Your awesome!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I had a patio set like that at one of my beach condos...I think the new owners still have it!


Caitlin said...

omg you are so lucky! I have never seen anything that good in the trash before!!!!

Jut and Char said...

Good luck with the upholstery job, I have a great site that I get my supplies from. If you are doing it yourself give me a call, if not it wont be cheep.

coryshay said...

Wow I love that last chair! And the vtech toy? What a find!

rachel said...

love love love the chair!!

Deanna said...

That dresser (with the pink paint) is part of a girls' white with gold accent set - We have one similar and I am always on the lookout for matching pieces.