Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Levi and Joshua!

Joshua and Levi's birthdays are only one day apart so they get gipped.

Cuz, I only make one cake.

But they still each get to choose their birthday dinner.

Levi chose pancakes on his birthday.

Then, the next day, Joshua requested Bean and Biscuit casserole.


Here again is the Ice Cream Brownie Mountain but without Cool Whip, because I didn't have any.

Can anyone tell me how to get Levi to make a normal "cheese" face?

Joshua loves anything electronic...

and that has batteries.

We call him "The Battery King"

A better name for him might be "Get all kinds of screwdrivers out to change batteries and then leave them laying all over the place King"

But that is kinda wordy.

So, we just call him "The Battery King."

Happy 12th birthday Joshua!

Happy 4th birthday Levi!

We love you guys!

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