Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Diving

Goodwill has been busy...

Throwing stuff away.

I try to take a peeksie every day.

Just to see if I want any of the offerings of the dumpster goddess.

Check out my goodies...

A metal chest which I have already began renovations on.

We ripped off the yucky red felt off the back of these plaques and Joseph plans on using them in his medieval, dragon, wizard room. I had almost bought these several times in the store.

Now, I'm glad I waited.

Josh my dumpster diving partner grabbed out the blue goblet for Joe's "display" in his room. I'll have to show you his display sometime. He keeps it looking really nice.

A really nice, clean Graco carseat. Thankfully it was on the top of the pile. I brought it home, checked for recalls and then gave it to a friend of mine who is very preggo.

An electric blanket, still in the package.

I was really excited about that because I was planning on buying one anyway.

No controllers which was a bummer.

Checked for controllers online and found that I could buy the ones that went with the blanket for $20.

Since the blanket new runs about $80 (I think) I was planning on doing that.

But then I found the controllers I needed at a neighboring Goodwill for $4. Brought them home, tried out the blanket and it worked perfect.

I love it when things work out like that.

It must have been game night at the dumpster because last night it was full of wrapped up games and puzzles.

We will have so much fun with these. My kids love puzzles!

And then when we are done with them, we will pass them on.

Just not back to Goodwill.

But wouldn't that be funny?

Unless they wound up back in the trash a second time.

Then that wouldn't be.

Also found were a bunch of wicker baskets all wrapped up with lotions in them. I think we picked up six that night.

A couple of them were perfect for carrying around baby dolls in them.

The rest of them we took and used to plant tomato and green pepper starts in.

I found a local charity that is run with volunteers and 100% of the profits are used to spay and neuter animals. So that is where I take my donations now.

Or, if I'm feeling lazy, I put stuff for free on Craigslist.

Sadly, after finding out that our local Goodwill executive makes over $600,000 a year (and that was after our state governor made him take a pay cut!), and seeing the amount of usable goods that end up in the landfill, I will no longer donate to Goodwill.

But, I'll still shop there.

Especially in the dumpster.

Happy Diving!


Kristy said...

They actually throw these away? Have they never heard of the Mission or Jasper Scar Mountain or Birth to Three. There are so many local charities that could use games for kids. I am completely dumbfounded that they throw these things away. Are they not allowed to donate or something? What about their employees for goodness sakes, I am sure some of them could benefit from car seats and games. Good for you for dumpster diving and passing along your finds. I always donate my old clothes to womenspace because they do not charge they give them away. I took four big garbage bags of clothes there last month, I thought the woman at the counter was going to cry. They have a big need for nice dress clothes for women to interview in.

Lily said...

You have some great finds there! One thing about the car seat, though. The reason Goodwill throws them away is that there is no way to know whether or not the carseat has been in a wreck. According to a state trooper friend of mine, sometimes (just like bike helmets) the carseat can be compromised and won't protect well in a second accident, even if it appears it's in fine condition. The carseat may be just fine, but you really don't know.

BTW, I never would have thought about DDing behind Goodwill. I might just try it sometime!

RJ @ A Life Designed said...

Oh my, I can't believe all of that was in their dumpster! We don't have a Goodwill in town, but I'm definitely going to keep an eye on the dumpsters at the other second hand shops!

Rose said...

Great finds! I am shocked at the salary you mentioned for the local goodwill director. I'm glad you found a charity that actually makes good use of the donations.
We don't have goodwill here, but after hearing about this blatant disregard you can bet i wouldn't want one!

Cara said...

I'm not a Goodwill fan. i have several other thrift stores I like and donate/shop them. I can't believe they throw all that stuff out? My goodness - the disgrace! You got some great finds - I love dumpster diving and I love your blog.
Thanks for letting me take a peek now and then.