Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Liz

Eight of my nine kids have birthdays in the months from Feb-May.

We call it the birthday season.

Four of them have birthdays in April-May.

It is crazy keeping up with it all.

I am a little behind on birthday posts. because I have been busy dumpster diving

So, here is the first of several posts for the birthday kiddos.


Such a little lady and a wonderful, sweet personality.

Very girly.

She got a new bedding set for her "tween" room.

Zebra print with pink.

We also have her the cute white lamp with feathers that I had made for her.

She loved it and couldn't wait to dress up her new room.

She requested the Bean and Biscuit casserole, which seems to be the birthday food most requested.

I'll have to post the recipe sometime.

And, for dessert...

Ice Cream Brownie Mountain.

Almost everyone requests this too.

I'll get you that recipe as well.

Happy 10th Birthday Elizabeth!
We are so proud of you!

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Katie said...

Liz was totally rockin' her new dress and shoes yesterday!