Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making a Terrarium

My mom had a terrarium when I was just a kiddo.

For some reason, they have always fascinated me.

Doesn't take much, huh?


I was on the lookout for a lot of things a great glass container so I could have a terrarium of my very own.


Oops sorry, Lily's been rubbing off on me.

So, when I just happened by a Goodwill store and spied the largest Mason jar thatyoueverdidsee, I immediately thought of a terrarium.

Ok, honestly, my first thought was, "How the heck can you fit that in a water bath canner?"

And, then I realized that it was just for decoration.

Silly me.

Color me shocked when I saw that they wanted $46 for it.

I think I made a not so very nice face at that one.

Then, I went home and checked online.

And discovered that their asking price was not totally out of line.

Just out of my line.

Cuz I'm cheap like that.


I waited patiently until it went 1/2 off.

$23, although still high, inmyhumbleopinion, was easier to swallow.

She is 18" high and very heavy.

She was also filled with a bunch of sand, seashells and rocks which I removed.

Isn't she purdy?

Then, I gathered my supplies.

I rinsed off a bunch of rocks that I bought in a bag.

They were very dir-tay.

After putting down a thin layer of rocks, I put in a layer of activated charcoal.

This is to keep it from smelling yucky.

I found the charcoal in the aquarium supplies at Walmart.

I added a layer of green spanish moss.

Cuz, it's purdy.

But you can skip this step if you want to.

I then dumped in some potting soil and planted my plants.

I bought three little ones and they barely fit.

I still haven't decided where her permanent spot is.

I keep moving her around.

If I can make this...

Anyone can.

It was so easy that my five year old could have done this.



Nike said...

I always laugh reading your posts! I'm glad I'm not the only lady standing in the isle talking to myself about how ridiculous some things are. LOVE that jar--me likey. Turned out great as always.

shara said...

i somehow happened upon your blog today and omg i am still laughing to myself. you are too funny!!! your stories are hilarious and so real life... so, i had to add you as a favorite and will now make you a daily read.. so, thanks for the good laugh and look inside your amazing world with nine kids... amazing. have a good extended weekend this coming weekend and enjoy sometime off.. wait, who am i kidding if you are like me {which reading your blog in just one day says, yes} then you NEVER get a day off- so i'll just rephrase it, enjoy 5 minutes to yourself at some point and drink a diet pepsi.. you totally deserve it. on a strange note, i see your honey and kids are duck fans, am i correct to assume you live in oregon? i live in eastern oregon, hermiston to be exact.. but i must tell you with complete honesty.. we are beaver fans.. sorry and hope we can still be blog friends.. :)

Katie said...

I'm loving that giant mason made such a cool terrarium.