Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Family Outing..."Are we there yet?"

See this cute little girl?

Let me assure you...her not screaming, whining, throwing anything she can get her chubby hands on, flinging any food or drink offered to her, taking off her shoes and socks and using them as missiles crying while riding in her carseat?

It's a miracle.

She is a nightmare to travel with and don't let that cute little smile trick you.

For real.

The sign said "Don't feed the animals", but we did anyway.

We stopped on the way to our destination and had everyone stretch their legs and use the bathroom if you can actually call that outhouse **shudder** a bathroom. I seriously felt like I needed to take a shower just being downwind. Not yummy.

We took a short hike why can't it be downhill both ways? up to a beautiful waterfall.

You can get an idea how big it was by comparing it to Timothy, in the bottom right hand corner.

And the view...stunning.

And almost worth the gasping, panting for air, I am so counting that as my cardio for the day hike.


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