Friday, October 16, 2009


We love this kid. Absolutely adore him.

He is the hardest 3-year old that we've ever had. And at this point in our parenting career...that's saying a lot.

He works us over...

Every. Day.

He is super smart, extremely athletic and very, very handsome.

We are so proud of him.

And can't wait till he is "officially" ours.

Because he has always been ours.

He has a big noggin'. His big nog is in the 95% percentile. We claim that his big nog is holding his big brain and his big brain makes him really smart.

That makes sense, right?

It does to us.

See his shirt?

It says "100% Good. 10% of the time."

We think the 10% is a high estimate.

But we still love him completely.

Even though he is already super competitive.

He says things like, "I finished my yogurt first!"

And (to Hannah) "My p**** is bigger than yours."


Ummm...Levi? She's a girl. She doesn't have one.

But we still adore him.

This last summer he took swim lessons. He was in the beginner 3-4 year old class.

After a couple of weeks, they moved him up to the 5 year old class.

He not only passed the 5 year old class and was jumping off the diving board...they had him jumping off the lifeguard stand too.

We are in for it with this little guy.

But to us...that's a good thing.

We are the lucky ones.

And no one could love him more than we do.



Kristi said...

Hi there,

I have been stalking your blog for a while now, I believe I found you on a not me Monday over at McMama's. Anyway I know EXACTLY what you have in Levi, I have one too, except for he is our oldest and unfortately this means he has worn us out and so we will probably stoping at three, although I would like to seek in a girl. You can come meet my little monster over at my blog. Kristi

the 6 of us said...

I need that shirt for Noah!

If I survive his 3rd year, it will be a miracle. :)