Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Friday night we took the kids down to the church for the annual "Trunk or Treat". We figured that if they got enough candy they wouldn't feel ripped off when we didn't take them Saturday night.

Whoever scheduled the local college game should seriously be smacked for scheduling it at 5pm on Halloween night. Not cool people...not cool.

But, because we were sick of the whining and pouting and we wanted more candy for ourselves we were feeling nice, we threw on some costumes on the kids only because it was halftime and took them out until halftime was over for a little bit.

We had a new record high number of trick or treaters that came to our door. Over 180 kids came because we give out full size candy bars to talk to the gracious hostess and admire the decor.

Spook, our 15 year old black cat, put on a good show as usual, greeting all the kids. I am so going to miss my favorite, interactive Halloween prop cat when he is gone.

Halloween...the best day of the whole year!!!

Tim went to school dressed up as an FBI agent

Hannah as Little Red Riding Hood

Matthew aka Luke Skywalker

Levi, our knight in shining armor

Us at the Halloween party Friday night.

Even though all that green face paint sure did make my teeth look white, it's not a look I could pull off everyday. I could almost feel the chemicals leeching into my skin.

And you should have seen how long it took me to get it off. Yikes!

Happy Halloween!!!

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