Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Homecoming Float Freshman Class Work Party

Because the twins are both Freshman class officers, they were in charge of planning the homecoming float.

They had to come up with a trailer, find someone to pull the float, plan the float layout, purchase materials and put it all together. They also were expected to find a nice car for the Freshman homecoming princess to ride in.

The freshman ended up not having a class advisor at school and most of the kids involved had never seen a homecoming float.

The float ended up being really well thought out, well put together and in this mother's humble yet biased opinion really well done.

And without much adult help at all.

They had it on display two different nights, the first being "Riot Night" and the second was during halftime of the homecoming game.

The only "after" pix I have is permanently on my phone only because I don't am tech challenged have the necessary mental capabilities at the present time to extract it and with how easily all that official sounding BS just rolled off my tongue, I should look for a government job!

I'm so proud of these guys!


Faithfulmom2 said...

I am enjoying your craziness and I feel like I have the same but I only have 5 kids. I hope your family has a good Homecoming Week. Ours was exhausting, many surprises but memorable! My daughter worked a lot but had a great time for her first Homecoming Parade, Game and Dance.

Ginger said...

While your boys are involved in student government and attend the homecoming parade, my daughter has me come pick her up at school so that she doesn't have to attend the homecoming "pep assembly". There wasn't a parade, and when asked if she wanted to attend the football game, she just looked at me like I had sprouted 2 heads and said, "why?". Perhaps her attitude would be different if she went to a smaller school, but I doubt it. (BTW--her high school enrollment is somewhere around 2000 students. YIKES!)