Monday, October 19, 2009

Lily and the Seizures, Part Two

Yesterday, Lily woke up from her nap her normal, spunky, feisty self.

Corey loaded her and the seven other kids (Michael was already at practice) and took off for the half-hour drive to Joseph's swim practice.

Lily was fine.

Two hours later she had suddenly become hot and feverish.

Corey took off her shoes, socks and sweater.

30 minutes later she had a seizure.

This time, Corey was the one to witness it.

And it frightened him to the core.

Seeing your child limp and unresponsive is not something that any parent should have to see.

He called me and I met him at the ER.

My parents came and picked up the rest of the kids and took them home.

At this point they are blaming the seizure on her having a sudden fever.

They gave her some meds to bring down her fever and ran some tests.

She was drowsy and weak.

She took a short nap and then she was back to normal. Yelling "no" at the nurses. Which was actually really nice to see.

Because she has done this before we will be taking her in to have her checked out by her regular doctor.

At this point everything points to her having another febrile seizure.

Mostly harmless for the child but horrifying for the parents.

I just pray that this was the last one...

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