Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Family Outing...Crater Lake

Another beautiful day.

In August, at one of our many gorgeous national parks.

I just don't think that it gets any better than this.


Corey and I...still sane or pretending to be for the benefit of those around us.

Picture perfect views!

Nature at it's finest.

I love this crew!

My kids desperately wanted to take this guy home and make him part of the family.

I think not.

This was just one of those days to treasure...soak in the memories.


Life is good.


Ginger said...

We went to Crater Lake one Saturday while we lived in Oregon. I loved the deep blue of the water! Looks like you had a fun day, chipmunk and all!

takemetomaui said...

What beautiful pictures...and a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing!


Rayli said...