Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me Monday

Losing a tooth is a super big deal to a five year old and would have certainly been a big deal to me too.

Therefore, I would have never spaced playing the role of tooth fairy.

This tooth fairy playing mama would have remembered to bring home a dollar bill, been totally pumped to sneak in her son's bedroom, and would have gleefully exchanged his tooth for money.

Her toddler's open wallet, laid out on the dresser by an excited young boy, eagerly awaiting the deposit of tooth fairy money would have been a major reminder.

Therefore, it was not me, that completely and utterly forgot.

It was not my 11 year old son who has apparently lost all confidence in his mother checked to see if the tooth fairy had remembered.

It was not his dollar, from his own wallet, that replaced his younger brother's tooth, which resulted in a very ecstatic five year old boy.

I wouldn't be the one left feeling conflicted. Proud of her 11 year old son for being such a thoughtful son but embarrassed and left feeling like a smuck for forgetting again.

Someone anyone help me find my brain...


1 comment:

Wendi said...

O wow that is too cool, not that you forgot but that your 11 yr old is such a fine young man :)