Thursday, April 22, 2010


60 eggs.

About now you are thinking, "60 eggs? That's 5 dozen, right? That's not a big deal."


I'll be honest.

I'm talking 60 dozen.

In my defense...they were on sale after Easter.

And we go through a lot of eggs.

So, I started loading up my cart. As I did so, I became aware of a background noise.

I stopped to listen.

I realized that it was the faint sounds of my fridge, at home, starting to hyperventilate.

So, I stopped at 60 dozen.

Buying 60 dozen eggs is apparently not something that is done every day.

People tend to notice.

And stare.

It's embarrassing.

Almost as embarrassing as the time that I took eight kids with me to the store and bought a pregnancy test.

Good times...good times...


I've been freezing the eggs.

It's super easy to do.

You have to crack each egg and beat it just a wee little bit.

You can freeze each egg individually.

I do them in muffin tins.

Once they are frozen, I lift them out and put them in a bag.

Put them promptly back in the freezer so they don't stick together.

I also did 24 eggs and threw them into a gallon freezer bag.

They will be used later for scrambled eggs or for french toast.

Easy peesey!

Happy freezing!


The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Have you done this before? Do they taste good???

Leenda said...

At least the sound you heard wasn't that of the other shoppers staring and tittering at you. lol

Jensamom23 said...

So smart!

Cara said...

we go through eggs like crazy! never heard of this but it's a fab idea for sure. i would have loved to see you cart with 60 boxes of eggs - so funny! love the other recipe for cream of chicken soup. Gonna have to try that. thanks♥

Molly said...

That is brilliant. If I had seen you I would have probably stared too though...i can rude that way :)

Erin said...

I am in AWE! Total awe. Fabulous ideas on the eggs. We usually have 7 or 8 dozen eggs on hand, but NOW, when they go on sale, we will be stocking up! Thanks for the great tips! Stopping by from NFF @ TGC.

Erin @

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

That is super smart...I think you scored.We eat a lot of eggs and we have only 3 kids!
Happy new friend Friday!
I am following you now, come follow me!
Gros bisous

Nike said...

Ah!! I love the comment on buying a pregnancy test with eight kids in tow. I did that with five along for the ride and almost killed my checker.

Thanks for the tip. Anything to making cooking easier is welcomed.

NorCalMom said...

I am stopping by from New Friend Friday. This is a great idea! I never would have thought about trying this.

Traci66 said...

Hello. I am here from New Friend Friday and decided to follow you. I hope you will check me out. I am #38 on Mr. Linky or
Happy Friday. I only have 3 grown kids and a 5 1/2 yr. old son. I also do daycare so your egg trick will be of great use. I understand about buying the pregnancy test. My oldest was pregnant with her first when I was buying my test for little man. Our 1st grandson is only 1mo and 8 days older than little man. I was with my oldest when she gave birth and all the nurses were really concerned because I was on my feet and so close to delivery myself.

Allison R said...

I didn't know you could freeze eggs! Visiting from New Friend Friday!