Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day

I thought about doing a joke on everyone but that took me back to an April Fool's day long ago.

I was working at a jewelry store and the manager was a major jokester. He was a total hoot to work with and often he would make me laugh so hard I would cry.

I had only been married a few months when April Fool's Day rolled around. The office manager, Kristy and I thought it would be funny to tell the manager that I was pregnant.

I did and he was so excited. With tears in his eyes, he whipped out his wallet and showed me pictures of his kiddos. I felt ( ) this big when I had to tell him it was just a joke. I'm still feeling sheepish thinking back to that day.

A couple of months later, I got the flu and missed one too many birth control pills. Imagine my surprise when I found out I was preggo...with twins.

The joke was really on me.

So, no jokes about being pregnant here.

Because, it would be just my luck, that an act of divine intervention would cause this twice sterilized chickadee to get knocked up.

Thanks, but no thanks.

They really aren't cheaper by the dozen.


Happy April Fool's Day!


Kristy said...

I so remember that day! And the day you came storming in with the ultrasound picture blaming ME! I still love April Fools jokes and have pranked just about everyone today.

rachel said...

I miss laughing so hard at Jeff that I too cried. He was the best! I miss you and Kritter.

Lisa said...

Our department had our monthly meeting on April 1st in 2007. Some of the girls thought it would be funny if we all started announcing that we were pregnant, one after another, just to give our department head a scare (we are mostly 20-something women in our department, so it would be a plausible scenario). I thought it was a great joke, but everyone gave me a hard time when I didn't play along. The thing was, I really WAS pregnant, but only 6 weeks or so, and I didn't want to jinx it! ;-)