Thursday, June 17, 2010

Aquarium Trip

You know you have a big family when the price for a year long membership at your local aquarium is cheaper then paying for everyone individually to get in one time.


The kids had fun looking at all the different fish, crabs, sea lions, octopus, sharks (gulp!) and walking through the underwater glass tube.

Here are some pix of them at the touchie feelie place.

Here is a picture of a sheepdog.

Oh wait...

That is actually Hannah.

My bad.

Her hair is ALWAYS in her face.

She doesn't like it up or pulled back, so whatdoyoudo?

Tim is stopping Matthew from touching the bum-bum part of the sea creature.

In his defense, it all looked the same to me too...

These two, at four years of age, had so much fun poking all the poor little traumatized creatures.

Their feet, up in the air, totally cracked me up.

Doesn't take much apparently...

Lily Pad with her Daddy.

Another family outing successfully completed.

And by successful, I mean that we actually didn't accidentally leave anyone behind...this time.

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