Sunday, June 27, 2010

The G Word

Well...I finally broke down.

Call it kid peer pressure.

I had a garage sale.

We had just got to the point where our dining room and garage were constipated with stuff.

And the stuff needed to go.

Either that or the kids would need to go.

And there are legal issues involved in selling kids.

So, we sold the stuff instead.

I was going to take pictures of all the stuff set up, waiting to be adopted but there was a stampede in the morning and I got trampled forgot. is a picture of the left over glass ware. This is about half of what I started out with, for the glass ware anyway.

I'm planning on giving that all away.

In the midst of the sale, I had set up a couple of 10 cent tables, mostly glassware. Most were ours but I did clean up all the GW dumpster items and put them out on the table.

Whenever any of that sold (I consider the 10 cents a re homing fee) I had a sense of satisfaction.

Because now the stuff has found a new home.

That was not in a landfill somewhere.

One plate went to a couple of women that were planning on putting it into a mosaic table.

The french inspired plates went to a woman that was going to use it in her decorating.

A gentleman bought the wedge shaped pizza plates (World Market labeled) for his bachelor pad.

The heavy glass bowl was purchased for someones kitchen.

And remember the heavy bowling ball?

The sweetest lady purchased it to make it into yard art.

A ladybug...

She went away happy and I got to add another dollar to the Disneyland fund

All in all we did really well and it was totally worth doing.

I think we sold about 2/3 off the stuff that I had out.

The weather was wonderful.

And the people were so fun to chat with.

Don't quote me on this but...

I think we will probably do this again sometime.

I think...


Jensamom23 said...

Garage sales are so much work to prepare for, but I love the people watching and talking as well! Congrats on the success.

Haupi said...

Now that's a thought! Using old plates for crafting or mosaic projects. And how creative was that woman wanting your bowling ball for yard art. This was truly a win, win and win again, situation. You guys get to go to Disneyland and empty out some of your junk, your customers got the items they wanted and you shared what they were doing with a few of the items to inspire us. Now that's great blogging! (I'm a follower from a few weeks back poking my head in to say "hi" and to see what was posted up) Smiles.


Katie said...

I hate putting on garage sales, but having the cash in the end is pretty nice!